Volcanic Slopes Vineyards winery’s history goes back to the 18th century, as it was originally established as a “canava”. “Canava” in the local dialect of Santorini describes the place where the wine was made and stored. Our building was a traditional underground canava that was renovated in 2013, in order to host the VSV winery and our wine Pure.

Santorini is a volcanic island, world known for the unique vineyards and history of winemaking. Lying in the middle of the slope of Episkopi, VSV winery is surrounded by vineyards, while its beauty is quietly hidden into the volcanic rock. VSV winery was used by local families, making their own wine for centuries. Now, tradition and history meet the next generation of winemaking.

A tour of VSV winery is a memorable experience, starting from the outer space with the layers of the black volcanic stone, pass through the canava’s old functional spaces – where now Pure ages silently - and end in our impressive cellar. After this short but impressive “travel in time”, the wine tasting of our Pure Santorini Assyrtiko will stimulate your senses.