Great winemaking begins in the vineyard. When our founders created Pure, they dreamt of a wine with minimum human interference; while honoring traditional methods and pursuing innovation and improvement. Nature works the wonders for us to enjoy.

Assyrtiko is the grape variety that thrives on Santorini. It is an indigenous variety cultivated all over the island for centuries. Being a volcanic island, Santorini is world known for its unique climate and the particular volcanic soil. Along with the sunshine and the lack of rain and water, we face extreme winds. Vine growing is very challenging on Santorini. All our vineyards are dry farmed and the plants are formed in a basket shape called “kouloura”. “Kouloura” is a pruning system unique to the world, keeping the vines low on the ground and protecting the fruit from the strong winds and the hot sun, almost like a natural nest.

‘Pure’ is 100% Assyrtiko wine. The grapes for this premium wine are sourced from two specific parcels in Pyrgos and Megalochori, aging more than 200 years old.The harvest is usually in August and all grapes are carefully handpicked and thoroughly hand-sorted keeping only the best fruit and getting the best quality of juice. ‘Pure’ is a white dry wine that ferments in cement vats, following the traditional method of winemaking on Santorini. The fermentation is completed with the must’s natural yeasts,without any human intervention, while temperature remains stable in the vats naturally. The wine ages for 14 months on the lees before bottling, which allows its luscious and complex character to reveal.

Our passion fills our wine along with our delight at sharing it with friends from all over the world.