Introducing tradition

Great winemaking begins in the vineyard. When our founders created Pure, they dreamt of a wine with minimum human interference; while honoring traditional methods and pursuing innovation and improvement. Nature works the wonders for us to enjoy.

Two of the oldest Vineyards

Pyrgos and Megalochori, our vineyards count more than 150 productive years. During the harvest, hand-picking allows only the best grapes to go through the selection limiting the production to maximize the quality.

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Engaging the tradition of cement aging

Following our founder’s vision, Assyrtiko wine ferments without any human interfere in cement vats and ages 14 months in contact with its lees. Periodical batonnage allows a luscious complex character that unfolds properly served at 10-12C after aeration.

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Our passion

Our passion fills our wine along with our delight at sharing it with friends from all over the world.

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