Standing out gently from the volcanic slopes around it, VSV winery does not rush to reveal itself. The building sits in harmony with its natural surroundings, offering a glimpse at local history. From the stone layers to the old canava ones eye can wonder in awe.

Just as it honors the wine, it honors the land.

Where great winemaking begins

Two meticulously picked vineyard parcels in Santorini Island. Being found in its homeland, Assyrtiko variety is being cultivated here for many generations. Love, passion, dedication and experience aid to bring forth the best of each vintage.

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Connecting two worlds

Nowadays Santorini differs a lot that what it used to be. Apart of the great geographical wealth, the cultural traditions of the island are great in many fields, including winemaking and architecture. Canavas, such as VSV, connect the two, explaining how deeply rooted in the life of many generations the winemaking has been. Canavas, used to serve the use of a wine cellar, a winery, storage and the owner’s house in the same time. Respecting a traditional settlement that dates today 300 years back, our architect embraced the old functional spaces, the dominant curves that offer a stable, safe house from the often earthquakes and brought up the modern, yet deeply rooted in Greek tradition, sophisticated, ecological principals VSV stands for.